Salı, Kasım 16, 2010

Don't sir me, sir! - Bana bayım demeyin, bayım!

"It has been a week. It has been a week."

I have no idea how many times I am actually capable of repeating the same sentence in my head. I tried and I find the answer: It has no limit. Therefore, I had to stop at one moment and walk to the mirror to do my daily chat with myself. Am I getting a bit more different than ever? I would not event respond to that silly question if I were you. Thus, I did not.

It is 8 o'clock. My "yellow fun" could be here in a second. So, I need to get ready as soon as possible. But wait! I think I stink! What the hell is this smell? Could this be the smell of the fish that I ate las night? No, this is a totally different odour. Okay! This is the smell of the terebentine from the atelier. What was I thinking? I need to take a quick shower and get my Armani suit from the maid. I hope she had it dry-cleaned appropriately. Oh my God! Is this the horn of the cab? Or...


A voice that made me shudder woke me up.

"Mister, you  were sleeping and I did not want to bother you yet, we arrived at your office."

"Oh, such a relief! It was just a dream."

"Excuse me sir?"

"Nothing. Thanks for waking me with that tone." I, again, could not believe that I said that. What is wrong with me?

"Well, sir..." He started.

"Do not "sir" me sir!" I said with an ironic frown. And then I added with hurry: "Hey, look, do you have any plans at noon? I know that you do not normally work today. Since this is your day off, I thought I would like to buy you a lunch and make this strange chauffeur-client relationship end. With this, we can make a fresh start and also I can learn more about you and your life. What do you say?"

Like he was not interested in my offer he remained silent for a second but then he replied my question with sparks in his eyes giving me the feeling that he had been waiting for this to come for ages.

"Sir! I mean Mr. Rastignac - yes, he had learnt my name - I would totally like to join you. So, shall I pick you around midday?"

"Twelve is cool." I said and I got off the car.

Then, a new era of knowing a stranger's life had just begun. This innocent appointment that seemed absolutely normal in the beginning would later change my life forever, unexpectedly.

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